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Mattot-Masei 5777

July 18, 2017

This is Torah Talk for the week of July 16th, 2017

  • Num. 35:10 Speak to the Israelite people and say to them: When you cross the Jordan into the land of Canaan, 11 you shall provide yourselves with places to serve you as cities of refuge to which a manslayer who has killed a person unintentionally [רוצח מכה נפש בשגגה] may flee.

This week’s handout:  42-43 Mattot-Masei 5777


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Mattot-Masei 5776

August 2, 2016

This is Torah Talk for the week of July 31st, 2016

The recap of the Israelites’ wilderness itinerary once again follows Aaron’s death with a mention of the King of Arad. Why?

This week’s handout:  42-43 Mattot-Masei 5776


Bemidbar 5776

June 7, 2016

Does the order of the tribes matter?
Only if you care who’s first in line.

This week’s handout:  34 Bemidbar 5776