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“Many Voices” excerpt

June 18, 2017

There’s now an updated link if you’d like to read an excerpt of my book The Bible’s Many Voices:

Sorry for the broken links I’ve just found out about.

The Future of American Jewish Bible Translation

April 13, 2017

Since there’s no podcast this week (regular Torah readings resume after Passover NEXT Saturday, with Parshat Shmini), I thought it might be worth posting this notice for folks who are on the East Coast.  I’m chairing the afternoon session.  Click the link to register.  See you there!


The Future of American Jewish Bible Translation

Sunday, April 30  •  9:30 am – 3:30 pm
At the Museum
Sponsored by The Jewish Publication SocietyCreighton University College of Arts and Sciences, and NMAJH
A special symposium in celebration of the 100th anniversary of The JPS Holy Scriptures, with many of the nation’s leading Bible scholars. After a look back at the last century, representatives from all the major rabbinical seminaries will discuss “Trends in Bible Scholarship and Translation” at the morning session. Scholars involved in the JPS Bible Commentary series will offer “Notes for a New Translation” at the afternoon session, that will also address the startling impact of the digital revolution in education and publishing.
Free, advance registration required


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April 22, 2015


One Chapter a Day

December 31, 2014

For those who have not yet seen it, there’s a new Israeli project to get people to read one chapter of the Bible a day (five days a week).

You can find it at

It’s an all-Hebrew site, but there’s also an icon you can click to hear the chapter read in Hebrew — useful for those who know (or can learn) to read the Hebrew alphabet.

Once you create a log-in, you can click the קראתי button to say you’ve read that day’s chapter (though you can’t “stay signed in” when you visit next).  [That’s been fixed and you can now stay signed in.]  If you sign in and click the button, the site will keep track of what you’ve read.  This is the end of the 2nd week of the project, so they are on Genesis 10.  It should not be too hard to catch up if you are just starting.

If you read Hebrew fluently, there are a lot of interesting-looking articles on the site, and some fine graphics.

You can read more about it in this article from the Jerusalem Post.  The co-head of the project is Binyamin Lau, who is somewhat well-known.  (The other co-head is a woman named Gal Gabbai whom I’ve not heard of.)

Take the article with a grain of salt, however:

Professors Avigdor Shinan and Yair Zakovitz who engaged in a demonstration of Biblical polemics demonstrated another Biblical connection with Hanukka in that the first night of Hanukka falls on the 25th of Kislev and there are 25 words in the Hebrew version of the first verse of Genesis.

The reporter screwed up; Shinan and Zakovitz certainly did not make this elementary mistake.  (See my review of their book here.)  It’s sad even that an Israeli newspaper could print something so egregiously wrong.  I guess this project is desperately needed…

As I mentioned in my Biblicist’s Holiday post, for a while I read the Bible every day, finishing it from cover to cover 6 or 8 times.  I started doing so again a year or so ago, but dropped off the pace.  Now I will add this daily chapter to my two mishnayot a day (from the Blackman Hebrew-English edition, available online in PDF format—h/t Ricky Hidary) and my short slice of Talmud.

If you can figure out how the “25 words” mistake happened, please leave a comment (or e-mail the Bible Guy).


Update from Menahem Mendel.  Apparently reading the Bible has already started to spur controversy…

Update from Tablet.

Happy holidays…

September 30, 2009

The Bible Guy will resume posting on a more active schedule in a couple of weeks, after the Jewish holidays are over….