V’zot ha-Bracha 5776-77

This is Torah Talk for October 24th and 25th, 2016

Who is missing from the Blessing of Moses, and why?
And how is he not quite missing after all?

And the handout:  54-vzot-ha-bracha-5776-77

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2 Responses to “V’zot ha-Bracha 5776-77”

  1. Heena Reiter Says:

    Yes, I’m someone who listened to Torah Talk for the very first time today. I’m pleased to have found you. Congratulations on completing 8 years!

    I’m undertaking a more dedicated studying of the Torah this year and I was checking online to see whether your Genesis commentary had been written yet. I have the others and very much appreciate your publications. I will await Bereishit. I didn’t know about your online teachings until today. Is there a way to access the previous years’ tecordings?

    BTW, we might be related. When I was growing up in the Bronx, my family was part of the Carasik Cousins’ Club. Ever hear of it? My fathers mother was a Carasik. I don’t know how common the name was.

    • Michael Carasik Says:

      Glad to have you listening, and thanks for your congratulations! I keep about 10 months worth of the podcast on the web site, but not earlier ones for the same parashah; at some point I will have to make them available on CD.

      As for the Genesis volume of the Commentators’ Bible, I should finish it by the end of the year — but publication will take a while longer.

      If your grandmother spelled her name with a C, we are related — but I’m guessing she spelled it Karasik, like most people who have that name. I never heard of the club.

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