The Commentators’ Bible: Deuteronomy

Update:  If the code on the flyer — 6jaj4 — does note work, try the original code 6AS15.  They seem to have screwed up again.

Being a Bible Guy includes being a “parshanut” guy — someone who’s interested in how earlier exegetes [מפרשים, mepharshim] have tried to resolve things in the Bible that are difficult to understand.  Various elements of my biography have involved me in a project aimed at creating an English-language version of the traditional Bibles used in synagogues, with the Hebrew text of the Bible in the middle of the page, surrounded with translations and commentaries.

For those who’ve missed my announcements in various forums about it: the Deuteronomy volume is out now.  Click here for the flyer with a color picture of the cover and the code for a 25% discount!  (Don’t know whether the code will work for all 4 volumes or not.)

This is the 4th completed volume; I’m working now on the first volume, Genesis, projected to be published 3 years from now.  Follow me on Twitter @mcarasik to keep tabs on my progress.


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4 Responses to “The Commentators’ Bible: Deuteronomy”

  1. Rabbi David Krishef Says:

    The discount code didn’t work when I tried to order online.

  2. Michael Carasik Says:

    Just now? It did not work when they first sent it to me, but has supposedly been fixed.

  3. Rabbi David Krishef Says:

    When it didn’t work online, I called to order by phone. They gave me the discount, but said that the offer code had expired.

  4. Michael Carasik Says:

    Per UNP, as of Friday 3/13 both codes are now fixed, and neither should expire.

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