The Bible’s Many Voices — Study Guide

I’m going to use this site from time to time in connection with the book I published this spring, The Bible’s Many Voices. I will continue to post things on the Many Voices Facebook page, but longer posts and attachments don’t really fit into the Facebook framework.

At the urging of Barry Schwartz of the Jewish Publication Society, I prepared a Study Guide for the book. It’s meant to be a kind of teacher’s guide for professors, rabbis, ministers, and others who might want to use the book as a teaching tool.

But my impression — gained casually from friends who are readers of the book — is that individuals may also want some guidance while they read the book. It’s not a difficult read, but nor is it light reading. You may want to take a while to think about and absorb each section. The Study Guide is straightforward enough that it should be useful not just for educators, but also for individual readers (or self-guided groups) who want to be able to take the book piece by piece rather than gulping it down all at once.

Here’s a link to the Study Guide:
Many Voices Study Guide

As you’ll see in the Guide, you can send questions about the book to


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