Ten Books You’ll Want to Read

The Jewish Publication Society, which is publishing my Commentator’s Bible series, has asked me for a list of 10 “recommended” books about the Bible for their blog. I intend to blog about the list myself, in more detail, here on WordPress.
In the meantime … here is the list:

1 ) The Jewish Study Bible edited by Adele Berlin and Marc Brettler
2 ) Who Wrote the Bible? by Richard Elliott Friedman
3 ) Sinai and Zion by Jon Levenson
4 ) How to Read the Bible by Marc Brettler
5 ) How to Read the Bible by James Kugel
6 ) A History of Ancient Israel and Judah by J. Maxwell Miller & John H. Hayes (2nd ed.)
7 ) The Art of Biblical Narrative by Robert Alter
8 ) The Dynamics of Biblical Parallelism by Adele Berlin
9 ) Job by Raymond Scheindlin
10 ) A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew by C. L. Seow (2nd ed.)

There is now, of course, an 11th book you’ll want to read!

11) The Bible’s Many Voices, by Michael Carasik


2 Responses to “Ten Books You’ll Want to Read”

  1. sacadalang Says:

    Thanks, sir, for sharing. I’ll try to get hold of these, then.

  2. sacadalang Says:

    Reblogged this on sacada lang and commented:
    In a vast sea of Old Testament reading materials here is a reliable spot to start from.

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